Iím a stay at home, working mum, with two rapidly growing up sons. I run the office for the industrial insulation company run by my husband and his two brothers. I find office work satisfying, but it doesnít have enough of an end product to give a real sense of fulfillment - and thatís where the sewing comes in!
Besides sewing, I enjoy taking photographs, cooking, messing around with computers, walking (and hopefully training) our dog, working on my dollshouse and getting involved, where possible, with my husbandís hobby of antique stationary engines.
I started sewing when I needed some cheap new clothes, at age 17, soon got hooked and bought my first machine with some money a friend had left me in her will. It was something she would have approved of. Once I saw an advert for a Janome embroidery machine, that became my dream - one which I was sadly able to achieve when my Dad died. He was a great craftsman, and using my machine seemed to me to honour his memory. Along the way, I upgraded from an 8000 to a 9000. The 10001 was a 40th birthday present from my husband, a few months before I was actually 40, but I wasnít complaining!